Carthage Travel & Events (CTE)

Company was created in 2006 and has been grown successfully throughout the years a progressive development of FIT, MICE, Charters and technology XML.


Advantages of the company

  • CTE is the leader in online tourism business nationally and internationally by being integrated in the HUB of the most important wholesalers in the world — like TravelgateX, Juniper and Orchestra.
  • CTE is presented in all Tunisia with its 5 branches. It is a strong and powerful travel agency that has worked hard to obtain a main position on the Local and Maghreb market as well as to get important flow of outgoing business in all destination around the world.
  • CTE uses all its advantages of being part of strong and professional Carthage Group and being rich with its competences in matter of modern technology, languages, knowledge and experiences to be able to operate in all European countries, Middle East & Eastern markets.