It’s not the most popular tourist destination, which many travellers consider not as interesting as its neighbouring country, the UAE. However, this unpopularity seems to be the main advantage of Oman: the country still preserves the true Arab ambiance, it’s real authentic Middle East that will excite your imagination and amaze you.

Don’t forget about the breathtaking beauty of Oman’s nature, lots of places to visit and developed tourist infrastructure. All these things make Oman the country which is definitely worth paying attention to.


Which Resort to Choose?

One of the most visited cities of Oman is Muscat, the capital of the country. There are lots of places, such as parks and museums, magnificent palaces and colourful local bazaars, the memories of which you will cherish forever.

The second region of the country which is most popular with tourists is Salalah. The area is of striking beauty of nature, and it boasts very interesting archaeological and historical sights.

Anyway, wherever you go in Oman, you can always enjoy wonderful beach holidays and excellent service that will satisfy even the most experienced travellers.


The capital of Oman since 1749. The name Muscat means anchorage or the place of "letting fall the anchor". And it’s really worth "anchoring" there, at least to spend a holiday, because a visit to the city will surely be truly memorable and pleasant.

Before it was easy to get to Muscat only by the sea. By land, people got there with great difficulty, often crossing mountain passes on foot. Today, there is a developed road network and a large international airport, which underwent reconstruction a few years ago, so now it can serve a great number of passengers coming to Oman from all over the world.

Old fortresses and palaces, parks and museums – there is a lot to see in Muscat. And shopping in the colorful oriental bazaars of the city will add to the pleasant memories of the trip.


It’s the capital of the Dhofar governorate and the third largest city in Oman. Salalah is a real oasis, so one of the tourist attractions of the city is the beauty of nature.

You can get to Salalah by plane, as there’s an international airport there. When approaching the city, travelers can enjoy a magnificent view of the mountain ranges and fertile plains.

There you can soak up the sun on large white sand beaches and swim in the azure sea, learn about traditions and lifestyles of locals, as well as immerse yourself in the history of Oman by visiting archaeological sites. In the center of the city, next to the Sultan's palace, there is a bustling oriental bazaar where gold and silver jewelry, incense and much more are sold.

Which Places to Visit?

Oman impresses tourists with the contrasts of its nature. There are hot deserts with unearthly landscapes and blooming oases, majestic mountain ranges, the azure sea and golden sand beaches.

The list of nature attractions in Oman include Wahiba Sands with multi-colored dunes up to 200 metres high, Wadi Bani Habib, where the houses and steps of ancient stone stairs seem to appear out of the rocks, a famous Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve, Bimmah Sinkhole, which is a turquoise water-filled depression, and many other natural sights.

When travelling around Oman, it’s definitely worth seeing old fortresses which add to the beauty of local landscapes: Nakhal fort, Jabrin and Taqah castles, Al Jalali and Al Mirani forts. We also recommend you to visit the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat which stands out for its luxury interior. In the main prayer hall you can see the carpet that is listed in the Guinness World Records book and used to be the largest carpet in the world.

Small villages are also worth visiting, for example, Bilad Sayt Village, the old houses of which are located in a cascade on the slopes of the mountains, above the emerald greenery of a palm oasis. Or a small fishing town Qurayyat, where seafood lovers will appreciate a wide range of fish at a local market.

Guided Tours

There’s a variety of guided tours in Oman. A trip there can be a real adventure with viewing the surroundings from a breathtaking height in the Jebel Akhdar mountain or with hiking in the Snake Canyon, winding among the steep cliffs.

You can also go on a boat trip or to white-sand lagoons, taste healing waters from mineral springs or explore historical sights; your main problem will be to fit all these activities into your holiday plan.


Oman is a real oriental fairy tale for tourists who are eager to enjoy its leisurely and relaxed pace of life which is so different from the hustling and bustling megalopolises of Europe. So, it’s not surprising that many travellers want to buy some special souvenirs to remember such a trip.

For example, there are hand-woven carpets and incense, turbans and soft pashminas made of cashmere. If you prefer tasty treats, don’t hesitate to buy halva which is cooked there of dates, or date honey, coffee or tea.


It’s the name of one of the most popular Omani souvenirs, which is a skillfully made traditional dagger.

Prices for original khanjars start at two hundred rials, while souvenir ones are much cheaper. To fly internationally, don’t forget to get a receipt while buying a khajar and then pack it in your luggage as it’s a real dagger, so it’s a weapon.

Wood, ceramics and copper

Sandalwood souvenirs, such as carved caskets, cute statuettes, hand painted dishes are also popular with the guests of Oman.

Another kind of souvenirs that travellers bring from Oman is ceramics. Tourists buy incense burners, dishes, funny figures made of unbaked clay or covered with sparkling glitter glaze.

Moreover, Omani copper items are also worth mentioning. Copper trays, ibriks, dishes, vases, and caskets which are superb pieces of craftsmanship.


A wide range of choices in Oman’s jewellery shops will make your eyes widen. Moreover, the quality of pieces of jewellery can be quite high and the prices for gold and silver items are lower than in the neighbouring United Arab Emirates.

Jewellery items don’t have to be expensive, in Oman you can purchase not less beautiful and original bracelets, earrings and pendants with amulets to protect against bad luck.

SPA & Thalasso

SPA treatments in Oman with the use of rose and coconut oils will delight even experienced visitors to European SPA centres. Foot bath rituals made with milk and Damask rose petals, moisturising facials, effective scrubs, as well as relaxing head massage that will help you reach nirvana, will definitely be appreciated by those who want to reduce stress significantly.

The enormous pleasure can be even greater if SPA treatments are completed with hammam or aroma sauna, herbal compress massage, fresh fruits, tasty nuts and energising herbal teas, that are made with much love.