Congratulations to Novostar Hotels on Its 10th Anniversary!

Today the Novostar Hotels chain celebrates its 10th anniversary and we warmly congratulate Tunisian hoteliers. The brand Novostar Hotels means hospitality at the highest professional level, constant perfectionism and well-deserved fine reputation in the travel & hospitality industry.

The history of the Tunisian hotel chain Novostar, an important part of the Carthage Group holding, began in 2013 with a small 179-room hotel. Now the brand Novostar Hotels is represented by six hotels and apartments which are located on the most popular Tunisian resorts.

The Novostar Hotels chain was created to widely promote Tunisia as a tourist destination. The country features magnificent beaches on the Mediterranean coastline, the largest hot Sahara desert, the refreshing Atlas mountains, wonderful ancient and medieval landmarks listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, world-known thalassotherapy centers, lots of festivals, including the International Festival of Symphonic Music held in the ancient Roman amphitheater of El Jem. All these numerous attractions make Tunisia a country with a wide range of opportunities for tourism. 

And of course, a great and memorable vacation is impossible without truly comfortable accommodation. In this regard, the Novostar Hotels concept implies not just really convenient facilities and amenities for travelers but also a warm and friendly atmosphere at hotels.

Travelers want to come back to the hotels again and again and Novostar guests express their gratitude towards hoteliers by writing many favorable reviews on various travel-related Internet resources. Thus, three Novostar hotels have recently been awarded Travelers’ Choice from the world’s largest travel guidance platform TripAdvisor. Only 10% of hotels represented on TripAdvisor can be singled out as truly exceptional ones and get the prestigious Travelers’ Choice award. It’s a kind of a ‘quality mark’ which is given to hotels on the basis of millions of reviews and opinions from travelers. And it’s way not the only award that Novostar Hotels has received.

Congratulations to our colleagues on the 10th anniversary of their brand. We wish you new achievements, success and prosperity. Happy Birthday, Novostar!