Djerba Music Land: Tunisia’s Summer Musical Surprises

From August 1 to 4, the island of Djerba, a paradise in sunny Tunisia, is expecting a flood of very special guests, music enthusiasts and lovers of truly vibrant parties. During these days, the 9th annual club event, the Djerba Music Land festival, which is an exciting highlight of the upcoming summer, will take place here.

This time, the music festival will be held at the luxurious Le Grand Casino De Djerba. The venue will be set up on the terrace in the garden, refreshed by a gentle breeze, with a stage for artist performances. With professional sound and light installations, Djerba Music Land promises to be a truly vibrant and large-scale club party, full of pleasant surprises.

This is the ninth grand music festival on the island of Djerba. Ticket prices will start from 450 Tunisian dinars. The program features popular contemporary music performers and masters of spectacular sound and visual effects. Even the most discerning music enthusiasts will not be disappointed, especially considering that Tunisia is well-known for excelling in such events.

In this country, notable music festivals are held every summer. They include:

The organizers of Djerba Music Land are determined not to miss a single detail, combining visuals with the magic of sound to create a musical fairy tale for their guests. We heartily wish success to the 9th annual club festival on Djerba!