The Tunisia Desert Challenge: A Rally which Is Definitely Worth Visiting!

The Tunisia Desert Challenge is a rally that is held from 6 to 13 November. It includes a 2500 km long, unique, innovative and varied rally-raid, 450 participants and organizers from 25 countries. The Tunisia Desert Challenge literally is what it promises to be: a real challenge in the Tunisian desert that has taken the concept of the famous Morocco Desert Challenge to a new level.

In 8 stages, the rally-raid which is meant to be epic, will travel through the touristy beaches of Djerba to iconic Star Wars sites in Tunisia’s inland along a mix of sandy tracks, gravel and dunes. Those who want to demonstrate the skills of cars and trucks driving and motorcycles riding, have to do their best to stand a chance of winning and take part in the prize-giving ceremony which will take place in Monastir, one of the popular resort towns of Tunisia.

Over the past 25 years, it’s the first large-scale motorsport event which is held in Tunisia. The Tunisia Desert Challenge was the topic of the press conference that was attended by the Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts Mohamed, Moez Belhassan, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Kamel Deguiche, CEO of the Tunisian Oil Distribution Company, AGIL, Nabil Smida, other officials, speakers and media representatives.

During the press conference held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts, it was noted that the rally is of great importance in terms of promoting the economic growth of Tunisia. It was also said that some more major events would be organized in the near future.

There are famous aces and the stars of world rallies among the participants of the Tunisia Desert Challenge. Mario Patrao, Jean Pascal Besson and other names on the list of victory medal contenders are more than well-known for experts in motorsport and car racing.

Those who are travelling around Tunisia now are very lucky, since they can witness extreme turns on motorbikes, cars crossing the fast African plains and 1,200hp hypertrucks climbing up giant sand dunes. There’s really a lot to see at the Tunisia Desert Challenge.Nevertheless, this magnificent rally-raid is not the only one event which is worth travelling to Tunisia. Many fascinating festivals are held in Tunisia, it’s the country of holidays, joy and smiles. The events are organized not only in summer but all year round, and attending them in the off season is better because the summer heat subsides and guests can fully enjoy, for example, the Tozeur Oasis Festival, the Bedouin holiday or racing of horses and salukis.