Tunisia MICE Day: MICE as a National Strategy, a View of the Prospects

A very important event for the entire tourism sector of the country was held in Tunisia on November 2, 2023. It was Tunisia MICE Day whose participants included the state officials, representatives of the country’s tourism industry, as well as specialists of international travel companies who have MICE tourism among their professional interests.

The independent jury of Tunisia MICE Day started drawing up the list of nominees for Tunisia MICE Awards back in July. 15 winners were chosen out of 40 nominees, so they had their stands on the trade show. The strict selection criteria were maximum compliance with the standards of business and corporate MICE tourism and the availability of all necessary resources for the implementation of various programs in this field of the industry.

We’re proud that companies which are structural subdivisions of Carthage Group were deservedly and rightfully chosen to be exhibitors on Tunisia MICE Day and hosts of workshops, professional master classes for attendees of the event. One of such companies was Carthage Travel & Events, which is an online travel agency that offers a large number of hotels in Tunisia and is integrated with the leading global travel marketplaces. Another exhibitor was Carthage Tourism & MICE, a DMC in Tunisia for tour operators from France, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Serbia, Georgia, Armenia and other countries.

The venue for a trade show Tunisia MICE Market held during Tunisia MICE Day, was the Azur Hotels complex located in the Mediterranean resort town of Hammamet. A gala dinner during which Tunisia MICE Awards were given, was held at Club Novostar Sol Azur Beach Congress 4* managed by the chain Novostar Hotels, which is another structural subdivision of the  international group of companies Carthage Group that was also one of the partners of the event. The information support of the business part of Tunisia MICE Day program was provided by one more structural subdivision of Carthage Group, the company Carthage Technology & Training whose employees are specialists in digital marketing.

B2B trips are often a perfect choice for developing partnerships and strengthening business positions, improving the image of companies and team building. Business and corporate MICE tourism is actively developing, gaining more popularity day by day and becoming trendy. Among the guests and participants of Tunisia MICE Day were journalists specializing in covering important aspect of social life, companies that are involved in organization of MICE events, hotels which have necessary infrastructure for hosting business travelers (for example, specially equipped conference halls and meeting rooms), as well as public catering enterprises that are ready to serve large groups of business travelers.

The trade show was opened by the Tunisia Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts Mr. Mohamed Moez Belhassine. There’s no doubt that such special attention is a clear illustration of support to the MICE sector as a part  of a national strategy of development of the tourism and hospitality industry in Tunisia at the highest, state level.