Tunisia Hammamet

Hammamet is a wonderful resort town which was a favourite holiday destination of ancient Romans. The town has been attracting holidaymakers who want to spend their vacation with health benefits, since antiquity, so nowadays it’s one of the leading centers of thalassotherapy in Tunisia.

Hammamet has white sandy beaches, the crystal clear sea and a romantic yacht port located in Yasmine Hammamet tourist area. Tourists will find lots of restaurants and cafes, amusement parks with various attractions, and a beautiful corniche. The whole town always seems to be on holiday as if it was meant for it.

Features of the resort

There are no large industrial enterprises with toxic waste here, it’s quite a pollution-free place with marine ecosystems in their natural state.

There are almost no jellyfish in Hammamet thanks to the undercurrents in the area.

Thalassotherapy fans like coming to the town in the off season, they consider it to be the best time of the year for relaxation, rejuvenation and achieving new levels of wellness.

The Hammamet International Festival is held here annually, it is attended by well-known artists and performers from all over the world.

The old medina of the town, surrounded by massive walls, has preserved the charm of oriental fairy tales.


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Holidays for everyone

Budget-friendly activities

Going out for a romantic stroll along the sea in the port of Yasmine Hammamet | free of charge

Having an ice cream cone with a scoop of delicious Italian ice cream | 3 TND (1 USD)

Buying an original magnet in the old medina of the town | 1 TND (0,4 USD)

Expensive activities

Taking a stroll along a cozy corniche in Yasmine Hammamet | free of charge

Visiting the Carthage Land children’s amusement park (unlimited access to the attractions of the park + a single King Kong ride) | 24 TND (9 USD)

Having dinner of seafood and wine in a restaurant in the port of Yasmine Hammamet | 80-90 TND (29-33 USD)

Places to visit

An old Arab medina. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the town. It features a mosque built in the 13th century, a fortress of the 9-10th centuries and narrow streets which are so nice to stroll along. History lovers will definitely find the medina very interesting.

The villa Dar Sebastian. It’s a venue for the festival of music and art, called The Hammamet International Festival. The villa was visited by the UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the US President Dwight Eisenhower, the UK King George VI and other historical figures.

Novastoria Family Restaurant. It’s a new cozy restaurant in Yasmine Hammamet located by a picturesque yacht port. Guests can enjoy signature dishes from one of the best chefs in Hammamet who specialize in Italian cuisine.

Lagune. Brand boutiques of natural cosmetics which are uniquely effective. All cosmetic products are made of environmentally friendly raw materials which are supplied by marine farms, as well as essential oils, healing mud and other high quality components.

Pupput Roman Site. It’s an archeological site that keeps the centuries-old spirit of the ancient city. The remains of mosaic panels that decorated the houses of wealthy citizens who lived here in antiquity, have been preserved.

Yasmine Hammamet. It’s a district especially created as a tourist area. There is Carthage Land amusement park with a water park Aqualand and theme parks Ali Baba and Aladdin, as well as a yacht port where ships from different countries of the world are moored.