Tunisia Mahdia

Mahdia is a perfect place for relaxation and rest for those who are tired of stressful city life. The resort boasts magnificent gently sloping sandy beaches and the crystal-clear sea.

Those who want to enjoy a moment of absolute tranquility will definitely appreciate this resort town. The main pleasures there are strolls along the sea, thalassotherapy courses and tasty food. The views there are just breathtaking and meant for photoshoots. And if you still want to experience the nightlife in Tunisia, you can take a train from Mahdia to Sousse, another popular Tunisian resort where there are entertainment facilities to suit all tastes.

Features of the resort

In the Middle Ages, pirates liked to stay in Mahdia, there is something for history lovers to see in the town.

Local colour is preserved in Mahdia, the atmosphere of real Tunisia can be felt strongly there.

Mahdia has the clearest waters with corals, so diving there will be pleasant for both experienced divers and beginners.

The freshest seafood, couscous with fish, various chorba soups, harissa: in Mahdia they know how to treat guests.

In Mahdia you can buy fine silk which is woven in a traditional way, slowly and with all heart and soul.


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Holidays for everyone

Budget-friendly activities

Going for a walk along the cape Africa and visiting the Arab medina | free of charge

Having a cup of traditional mint tea with pine nuts in a café by the seaside | 6 TND (2,2 USD)

Eating a Tunisian chicken & cheese shawarma Makloub | 7 TND (2,6 USD)

Expensive activities

Buying a picture of Tunisia beautiful landscapes | 100 TND (37 USD)

Having dinner of seafood and wine in a restaurant | 60 TND (22 USD)

Fascinating deep sea fishing | 205 TND (75 USD)

Places to visit

The Skifa Kahla. It’s one of the main tourist attractions in Mahdia which is a fortification of the 10th century that was used as the main fort to protect the access to the town. The mysterious and long passage of the arch of this powerful structure seems to lead to the Middle Ages and leaves very vivid impressions.

The old medina. It’s a medieval town with artisans’ workshops where you can see how the silk is woven. The medina features narrow streets and houses with originally decorated front doors, it’s a very colourful and interesting place.

The Mahdia Museum. It’s the collection of original artefacts that can tell us about the history of Mahdia. There are antique statues and mosaics, traditional household items, old silk spinning machines, embroidery, jewelry, and coins; everything there is exciting and intriguing.

The fish market. The variety of seafood there will be appreciated even by the most fastidious gourmets. Mahdia is one of the fishing centers of Tunisia, and the local fish market is perhaps the busiest place in the town, where fishermen eagerly brag about their catch and bargain.

The Borj El Kebir. It’s a large citadel which was built by the Ottoman Turks in the 16th century on the site of the caliph’s palace. In the 18th century, two more bastions were added to the fortress. The citadel has a fascinating view of the surrounding area – the labyrinth of city streets and the sea.

The corniche of Mahdia. It’s a 2,5 km long promenade along the beach. While having a walk around the town, don’t forget to visit the iconic cafe Sidi Salem, located on a cliff overhanging the waves, to admire the spectacular sunset.