Tunisia Monastir

It’s the birthplace of Tunisia’s first president, Habib Bourguiba. It’s quite a small, beautiful and cozy city where there’s everything for a comfortable lifestyle.

The gently sloping sandy beaches and the shallow sea are very good for family holidays with children. As for Skanes which is a large tourist area stretched along the coastline in the west of Monastir, there you can ride a water scooter or water ski, go parasailing or scuba diving.

History lovers also won’t get bored in Monastir, since there’s a colorful Arab medina, an old fort, a centuries-old mosque and whatnot. In short, there are many tourist attractions.

Features of the resort

In the Sidi El Mézeri cemetery where warrior monks are buried, there’s Tunisian Taj Mahal, the Bourguiba mausoleum.

Monastir boasts a beautiful marina, good golf courses and a great horse riding club.

There are many restaurants and cafes in Monastir, such eating establishments as Le Pirate, Marina the Captain, L’Ostania, and Rybka are the most popular among tourists.

Skanes tourist area is situated near Monastir International Airport, so transfers to hotels don’t take much time.

It takes 20 min by taxi to go from Monastir to the neighbouring resort city of Sousse that is popular for a great variety of recreational facilities.


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Budget-friendly activities

Taking a stroll along the promenade of Monastir | free of charge

Having a cup of tasty cappuccino in a café on the promenade | 4 TND (1,5 USD)

Studying the history of the Ribat | 8 TND (3 USD)

Expensive activities

Visiting the Museum of Traditional Costume | 10 TND (3,6 USD)

Viewing the exhibits in the Museum of Habib Bourguiba | 10 TND (3,6 USD)

Having dinner of seafood and wine in a restaurant | 70-80 TND (25,5-29 USD)

Places to visit

The Ribat of Monastir. It’s a fort built in the 8th century AD with massive walls and a watchtower. It was believed that anyone who had served in the fortress for at least a few days and was buried near its walls, secured a place in paradise.

The Bourguiba mausoleum. It’s a monumental building with a golden dome and a snow-white marble finishing. The mausoleum containing the remains of former president Habib Bourguiba, the father of Tunisian independence, is located in the western part of the Sidi El Mézeri cemetery, the main burial site in the city.

The Bourguiba Mosque. It’s a very impressive building. Its minaret of 40 m high can be seen from any part of the city. Carved wooden doors in the Maghreb style, made by craftsmen from Kairouan, lead inside.

The Great Mosque of Monastir. It was built in the 9th century and has undergone enlargements and additions over time. The mosque features laconic design: there’s a minaret and columns supporting graceful arches.

The Medina of Monastir. It’s an old Arab town that has five gates and labyrinths of narrow streets with bustling bazaars. There you can buy original carpets, leather goods, jewelry and famous Tunisian ceramics.

Monastir Marina. It’s a cozy harbor where you can admire sailboats while having coffee in one of the numerous cafes or strolling along the promenade. It’s also convenient to go fishing or on a boat trip from there.