CG Survey, a Guide to Hotels in Tunisia: Djerba Island

We go on posting the results of our survey. As you remember, the Carthage Group team has analyzed the reviews of European tourists who had booked their holidays in Tunisia with a Bulgarian tour operator Emerald Travel last summer. The professional analysis of filled in feedback questionnaires gives us a comprehensive picture. The island of Djerba is under the spotlight in this piece of writing.

Though the island is a part of Tunisia, in terms of traveling, it has lots of special features which distinguish holidays on Djerba from the ones spent on the mainland quite clearly. Thus, the island, located in the gulf of Gabes, boasts many tourist attractions that can be visited without spending several hours on the road. One of the oldest synagogues in the world, a legendary pirate fortress, an underground mosque, a street-art village and a crocodile farm are situated on the island and visited by many tourists all year round. At the same time, many sights located on the mainland, including the great Sahara Desert, are also accessible for tourists staying on Djerba. You can find detailed information about the island in lots of articles on our website.

What can be said about the satisfaction of Bulgarian tourists with Djerba hotels, where they spent their holidays in season 2022? Check the list of most popular hotels below. 

Which Hotels Are Included in the List?

Since fewer travelers visited the island than the mainland, we’re going to tell you about hotels which got 40 reviews or over.

So, as for the number of filled out questionnaires, the leading hotel is Dar Jerba Narjess 4* (111 reviews in total). Guests who spent their vacation at Royal Karthago Resort & Thalasso 4* (78 reviews) and Radisson Blu Palace Resort & Thalasso 5* (63 reviews) were also quite ready to provide feedback on their stay. Plus, we’ve decided to take into account the hotel Djerba Aqua Resort 4* as well, because it got 39 reviews out of 40 necessary ones.

Let’s make it visual and represent the information on a column chart:

The chart shows that the hotel Dar Jerba Narjess 4* which is rated #1 according to the number of written reviews, is a long way ahead of its competitors. In this piece of writing we aren’t going to analyze what’s the reason why the hotel is the most booked one – whether it’s an effective marketing strategy, pricing or anything else. We’re going to focus on hotels whose guests were satisfied the most with their stays.

Which Hotels Enjoy the Highest Guest Satisfaction Rate?

The results are a bit surprising. As you know, the strangest life forms can be found on islands. Pygmy hippos and Borneo pygmy elephants, or giant Monitor lizards – these creatures illustrate that big things become quite small on islands and vice versa. And that’s what the analysis of tourists’ reviews after the summer season 2022 shows.

It’s not the most reviewed hotel at all that has the highest guest satisfaction rate. The leading hotel in this regard is the hotel Royal Karthago Resort & Thalasso 4* with 97.44% of positive reviews. Being a 4-star hotel, Royal Karthago Resort & Thalasso has surpassed a 5-star hotel Radisson Blu Palace Resort & Thalasso by over 5% (the hotel of the world-known brand enjoys 92.06% of positive reviews).

Here’s some insider information: the hotel Djerba Aqua Resort 4* is rated #3 in terms of guest satisfaction. It has 87.18% of positive reviews, so the guest satisfaction rate there is less than 5% lower than in the five-star Radisson Blu hotel. Moreover, as of March 1, 2023, the hotel Djerba Aqua Resort 4* is the most booked hotel by Emerald travel tourists. It was one of the most popular hotels among travelers in season 2022 and shows the same tendency this year, so full booking can definitely be expected.

Where’s the leading hotel with 111 reviews? Here it is, rated #4. The guest satisfaction rate of the hotel Dar Jerba Narjess 4* is 64.86%, which is much lower than the ones of the Top-3 hotels.

Let’s illustrate the rating on the column chart:

How Other Hotels Are Rated?

Since fewer tourists choose the island of Djerba as their holiday destination in comparison with the mainland, some hotels haven’t been included in this very report, for example, due to the small number of reviews. That’s why in conclusion we’re going to tell you about at least one of them, the hotel Dar El Manara Djerba Hotel & Aparts 3* which hosted Bulgarian tourists last year and is booked for the upcoming season but not much enough to be mentioned among the most booked hotels.

Dar El Manara Djerba Hotel & Aparts 3* is an attractive option for tourists who like immersing themselves in the local social and cultural environment while being abroad. Staying in Dar El Manara Djerba Hotel & Aparts 3* is a perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t limit themselves to going on a tour just for show but devote time every day of the holiday to discover a foreign country. It’s a hotel suitable for those who aren’t satisfied with the standard All Inclusive hotel buffet but prefer getting truly authentic culinary experiences in cafes and restaurants visited by local residents.

 Why is the hotel suitable for these types of tourists? The reason is that Dar El Manara Djerba Hotel & Aparts 3* is one of the very few hotels on Djerba which offers its guests not just an All Inclusive stay but other types of accommodation to choose from, such as Room Only, Bed & Breakfast and Half Board that means breakfast and dinner included in the price of the reservation. These types of accommodation are much cheaper, so travelers can spend the saved money on exciting guided tours which they can go on with no regrets about skipping a pre-paid hotel meal adapted for tourists but try the local cuisine instead.

It should be noted that a holiday in Dar El Manara Djerba Hotel & Aparts 3* without meals or with breakfast only is the most budget-friendly accommodation type on the island that, at the same time, provides a wide range of opportunities.

We’ve already presented you with the results of our special survey on the satisfaction of European tourists who had booked their holidays in Tunisia with a Bulgarian tour operator Emerald Travel last summer. We’ve focused on one of the most popular Tunisian resorts, the town of Hammamet.

We hope that this piece of writing about hotels on Djerba will add to the comprehensive picture and help you to choose a hotel for a holiday in season 2023 and subsequent years. See you in Tunisia!