CG Survey: The Rating of Bulgarian Tourists’ Reviews of Tunisia

Everyone who is involved in the travel & tourism industry knows that hospitality is a kind of science. In order to master it, tourists’ reviews of staying at this or that hotel should be analyzed carefully and systematically.

Here we provide you with a part of the detailed report compiled by the Carthage Group team after the last tourist season in Tunisia. Specifically, it concerns the reviews written by travelers from Bulgaria, who stayed in hotels located on the mainland of the country.

We hope this information will be useful for both those who are planning a trip to the Tunisian Mediterranean and travel & tourism professionals who organize journeys to this fascinating region of North Africa. 

The Tourism Flow Is Almost Tripled

The tourism flow from Bulgaria to Tunisia is rapidly increasing. Judge for yourself: in 2022 Carthage Group, being a DMC in Tunisia and a partner of a large Bulgarian tour operator Emerald Travel, hosted 7,145 travelers, while in 2023 over 19,000 airline seats are planned to be booked for holidays in the North African country.

The reason for such growing popularity of the tourist destination is obvious advantages of spending a holiday on the Tunisian Mediterranean. There are magnificent beaches, thalasso centers which offer effective wellness treatments and beauty therapies, and numerous sights, including the ones from the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The country boasts nature wonders, the crystal clear sea, well-developed tourist infrastructure, great opportunities for active leisure and entertainment and comfortable tourist accommodation establishments. Tunisian hoteliers have managed to provide travelers with really good accommodation facilities, which is illustrated by the reviews written by Bulgarian vacationers.

What’s the Most Booked Hotel?

The specialists of Carthage Group have conducted a comprehensive survey, inviting each tourist to fill out a questionnaire after their vacation. The aim of the survey was to collect relevant feedback on hotels in Tunisia, e.g. what tourists liked or disliked there, and many travelers were glad to write about their experience. The reviews have been processed, so now we can name not just the most booked hotels but tell you to what extent hotels in Tunisia have matched the expectations of travelers.

We don’t want to be very intriguing, so we’re going to state the most booked hotel right now. In the summer season 2022 the greatest number of tourists from Bulgaria who booked their holidays with the tour operator Emerald Travel, spent their vacation in the hotel called Club Salammbo Hammamet. The second most booked hotel is Club Novostar Sol Azur Beach Congress 4*. The third hotel in the Top-3 is Novostar Bel Azur Thalassa & Bungalows 4*. However, the difference in the number of booked rooms in the three hotels is insignificant, it’s less than ten rooms between the three winners.

What Are the Reviews of the Most Booked Hotels?

The largest number of reviews were written by tourists who stayed in Club Novostar Sol Azur Beach Congress 4*. Almost 86% of travelers gave their opinion about their experience in this hotel and 76,5% of respondents were satisfied enough.

Vacationers who spent their holidays in Novostar Bel Azur Thalassa & Bungalows 4* were also quite ready to provide feedback on their stay, so 79,5% of them took part in the survey, and 90,7% of tourists wrote positive reviews.

Bulgarian tourists who stayed in Club Salammbo Hammamet, were a bit less enthusiastic about the questionnaire, so 76% of them filled it out. Nevertheless, the number of those who were satisfied with their choice of the hotel is also considerable: 86,7% of reviews are positive ones.

According to the survey results, it can be concluded that Novostar Bel Azur Thalassa & Bungalows 4* stands out in the Top-3, since there are a lot of reviews about it, and the percentage of positive ones is quite high.

Some Important Details of the Rating

Let’s consider the hotels which got over 100 reviews in the summer season 2022. We should pay special attention to two hotels: Club Novostar Dar Khayam 3* and Golden Yasmine Mehari Hammamet 5*. These hotels rank #6 and #5 among the most booked ones by Bulgarian travelers. In spite of the fact that the hotels have different star ratings, they can obviously be treated as competing ones in terms of guest satisfaction.

Thus, tourists who stayed in Golden Yasmine Mehari Hammamet 5* wrote reviews about it in 74,6% cases. It’s definitely a good indication, as well as the number of positive reviews, which is 91,5%. However, among all travelers who spent their holidays in Club Novostar Dar Khayam 3*, almost 95% of guests wrote about their experience. Moreover, the number of positive reviews, which corresponds to guest satisfaction, is the highest among all the hotels with the significant number of received reviews – 92,3%.

So, regarding guest satisfaction, the leading hotels are Club Novostar Dar Khayam 3*, Golden Yasmine Mehari Hammamet 5* and Novostar Bel Azur Thalassa & Bungalows 4*, though the results of other hotels are also quite impressive. According to reviews, all these hotels with various star ratings managed to make the holidays of travelers from Bulgaria a truly enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Next time we’ll tell you about the preferences of Bulgarian tourists as to the hotels in Hammamet/ Nabeul region, and then we’ll consider the reviews of tourists who booked their holidays with the Bulgarian tour operator Emerald Travel and spent their summer 2022 vacation on the island of Djerba.