Season 2023 in Tunisia for Tourists from Bulgaria: Reviews about Djerba & Future Plans. Part II

The previous article about our survey on travelers’ preferences we focused on hotels located on the mainland Tunisia. At the same time, the island of Djerba is not less popular with tourists. Many people, including travelers from Bulgaria, come here to let their hair down and forget about the hustle and bustle of big cities.

In this piece of writing we’re going to consider the reviews of tourists who booked their holidays with the Bulgarian tour operator Emerald Travel and spent their vacation in one of the numerous hotels on Djerba. 

How do we collect the information for analysis? During a transfer to the airport all tourists are asked to fill out a feedback form. The form includes questions about travelers’ opinion on the hotel where they stayed, the work of Carthage Group employees, an excursion program and other things. Tourists don’t have to fill these forms but we kindly ask them to provide us with feedback and they usually don’t refuse to do it. After that all reviews are processed and then we publish a short analysis of the tourist season results. 

In summer season 2023 we got guests’ reviews about 27 hotels located on the island of Djerba. Our rating doesn’t include hotels which we have just a few reviews about (for example, 4 hotels were reviewed only once). However, it doesn’t mean at all that these hotels are bad or good, we just don’t have enough information to analyze. In general the greatest number of reviews we received from tourists who stayed at two hotels: Dar Jerba Narjess 4* (138 reviews) and Djerba Aqua Resort 4* (136 reviews).

Let’s agree that 30 reviews and over are enough to prepare statistics on guests’ satisfaction with this or that hotel. Among 27 reviewed hotels only 13 have 30 or more reviews. Here they are:

Let’s consider guests’ satisfaction rate according to positive and negative reviews written by Bulgarian tourists about hotels where they stayed in summer 2023.

Which Hotels Didn’t Meet Tourists’ Needs Fully?

In fact most reviewed hotels aren’t top-rated in terms of guests’ satisfaction. Thus, among 13 hotels with a sufficient number of reviews the hotels Dar Jerba Narjess 4* and Djerba Aqua Resort 4* are rated #12 and #11 regarding guests’ satisfaction. Only 67,6% of travelers who spent their holiday at Djerba Aqua Resort 4* were satisfied with their stay. As for the guests of Dar Jerba Narjess 4*, only 63,8% of them enjoyed their stay. In other words, in both cases the expectations of over one third of tourists weren’t met.

To find hotels whose residents truly enjoyed their stay, we’ve focused on accommodation facilities which were reviewed 40-50 times. On the one hand, this number of reviews is obviously not high. On the other hand, it’s enough to make a clear picture about a hotel. 

Top Hotels in Terms of Guests’ Satisfaction

So, the hotels Venice Beach 3*, Seabel Rym Beach Djerba 4* and Royal Garden Palace 5* have the highest guests’ satisfaction rates. It should be noted that these hotels have different star-rates (3*, 4* and 5* correspondingly). It seems that in travelers’ opinion the hotels have a great price/ quality ratio, since there are no negative reviews about them at all. It’s a good illustration of the fact that is well-known by hoteliers: there’s no need to have a 5-star rate to get positive reviews from tourists; much more important is to take care of them and charge prices which correspond to the quality of provided services.

Other hotels, whose guests were satisfied with their stay, include Telemaque Beach & SPA 4* (98% of positive reviews), Royal Karthago Resort & Thalasso 4* (97,1%), Welcome Meridiana Resort & Thalasso 4* (96,8%), Club Hotel Palm Azur 4* (96,7%), and Fiesta Beach 4* (95,6%). These five 4-star hotels managed to meet travelers’ expectations.The lowest guests’ satisfaction rate belongs to the hotel Hari Club Beach Resort 4*. Less than a half of tourists who spent their vacation at the hotel really enjoyed it. The following chart makes the guests’ satisfaction rate more vivid:

While analyzing the received data, we can make a conclusion that last year many travelers from Bulgaria stayed at hotels which weren’t perfect options for them regarding positive impressions about their holidays. In order to get other results by the end of the next tourist season, we’re going to make two announcements. One of them will be in this article, another one in a piece of writing which will be published soon. The first one is below. 

What about the Next Season?

What makes holidays truly unforgettable in addition to a beautiful place, tasty food and all kinds of leisure activities? Of course, it’s good like-minded people surrounding you. And how to find out at which hotels such people are more likely to get together?

Usually it’s rather hard to do because you’ll have to read a lot of reviews and look for fellow travelers on social media.

Carthage Group and Emerald Travel make this process much easier. You can learn in advance which hotels the tour operator will cooperate with closely. By the way, it always influences pricing significantly, and all travelers like when staying at a good hotel is a bargain. Here’s information about such hotels presented in a form of a chart:

It’s great to know that almost all these hotels are mentioned in our guests’ satisfaction rate (only the hotel Iberostar Mehari Djerba 4* is absent because we have only 5 reviews about it written by tourists in summer season 2023, though all of them are positive ones). In other words, all the above-mentioned hotels were approved by travelers from Bulgaria last year and during previous tourist seasons as well.

The main announcement about season 2024 will be made very soon and we’re sure they will be great news for travelers who are planning their vacation on Tunisia mainland and the island of Djerba as well.

Stay tuned and plan your holidays with us!