New Hammamet Sightseeing Tour: The CG Team’s Impressions

Carthage Group offers a wide range of excursions, including historical and entertaining guided tours, as well as sea trips. We arrange both well-known excursions, typical of Tunisia, and exclusive author tours.

Now we’re going to focus on one of the new excursions by Carthage Group, a Hammamet sightseeing tour. You’ll see it through the eyes of our employees, who then will either conduct this tour or promote it. We strongly believe that before offering any service to tourists, our team members should try it by themselves and learn what travelers will experience.

What are the impressions of the first participants of this excursion?

Who will like the new Hammamet sightseeing tour?

Carthage Group offers various excursion programs, so everyone will find something to choose from. There are long, even 2-day guided tours, as well as shorter excursions which also have eventful programs and are perfect for travelers who don’t like long bus trips. The new Hammamet sightseeing tour belongs to the second type of guided tours.

This trip is suitable for tourists with children, elderly people, and anyone who wants to experience powerful emotions without expending much energy. The tour takes only 4 hours, and during this time its participants visit the famous villa Dar Sebastian, walk around the medina of Yasmine Hammamet, created especially for tourists and combining the features of the old Arab medinas of Tunisian cities, and enjoy the beauty of the yacht port.

An additional benefit is lunch at a family restaurant by Novostar which specializes in Italian cuisine.

What will travelers see at Dar Sebastian?

Among the guests of Dar Sebastian were British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower, King George VI of the United Kingdom, and other notable historical figures. During World War II, the villa served as the headquarters for General Rommel’s troops.

The villa was built by a Romanian millionaire in the mid-1920s. Its owner was on good terms with prominent politicians, businessmen, and artists of his time. Today, it remains a magnet for global celebrities. The open-air amphitheater, located in the area of Dar Sebastian, hosts the annual Hammamet International Festival, which is attended by performers of classical and contemporary music, dancers, and stage virtuosos from various countries.

Dar Sebastian also hosts contemporary art exhibitions. In a sense, the house itself can be considered an art object, as it’s an elegant building in the Moorish style, with vaulted ceilings and columns, which is still a standard of architectural taste.

By the way, after visiting Hammamet and specifically Dar Sebastian, the legendary Hermès perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena created the beloved fragrance Un Jardin en Mediterranee, which means A Garden in the Mediterranean. Probably, the famous perfumer was inspired by the delicate aromas of citrus fruits from the local botanical garden with cozy paths and magnificent smells. Here, each plant has a sign with information about it. Fans of botany and gardening will surely be interested in learning which plants are most suited to the Tunisian climate.

Learn more about Dar Sebastian, for example, its mysterious millionaire owner, famous guests of this unusual house and much more, here.

The medina of Yasmine Hammamet, is it an interesting place?

Yes, it is! There’s no doubt that visiting this tourist attraction will be a memorable experience for our guests.

The medina of the Yasmine Hammamet tourist area was built in the late 1990s. Its architecture was inspired by the rich cultural and historical heritage of medinas in Tunisian cities. Tombs that once housed members of prominent Ottoman dynasties, mosques with luxurious minarets, stalls, and caravanserais (funduqs), heavy gates, and massive walls are elements of Yasmine Hammamet medina which reflect the architectural heritage of each of the ancient medinas in a stylized manner.

The architects of the medina even designed a special stage, which looks like the one where wandering musicians performed during the Arab Middle Ages. Following the tradition, performances are staged in the new medina as well. By the way, Carthage Group invites tourists to attend the unforgettable «Scheherazade Show» as part of the namesake tour.

There is also an amusement park and two museums here. The Museum of Religions introduces tourists to the diversity of beliefs and religions practiced in Tunisia. The «1001 Nights» museum has a collection of wax figures dressed in medieval Arab costumes.

Visiting museums is included in other excursion programs by Carthage Group. During the Hammamet sightseeing tour, tourists can stroll along the streets of the medina, immersing themselves in its unique atmosphere and, if they want, have an enjoyable shopping experience.

Why is a yacht port worth visiting?

Visiting the port is an incredible pleasure for tourists. Hundreds of vessels are moored here, including sailing yachts, boats and catamarans. Marina Yasmine Hammamet, the largest port in North Africa, is regularly chosen for a stop by yachtsmen from France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

The way from the previous stop in the trip itinerary to the port takes just a few minutes by bus. Actually, participants of the excursion have a non-stop tour of Yasmine Hammamet.

What kind of lunch will be served at Novastoria?

Of course, it’ll be delicious! In the family restaurant by Novostar, which specializes in Italian cuisine, the participants of the first Hammamet sightseeing tour were served a large salad, fish and fruits. The chef named Dali, a master of cooking dishes not only of Italian but also of other European cuisines, pleases guests with his culinary art.

In 2023 Novastoria was recognized as the best Italian restaurant in Hammamet by Restaurant Guru, one of the most popular websites for gourmets with over thirty million monthly active users. The restaurant beat more than ten strong competitors and was recognized #1.

However, Novastoria’s key to truly delicious dishes isn’t just the culinary talents of its chef. Here they pay special attention to choosing only the best food products from reliable suppliers. The restaurant staff also do their best to create a warm and family-like atmosphere, so it’s called a family restaurant not for nothing.

We really hope that travelers who will go on a new excursion by Carthage Group will also like their visit to Novastoria very much.