Join the Team of Carthage Group

An international group of travel companies Carthage Group is widening the horizons and expanding the capacities. Since we’re expecting a greater number of travelers from Eastern European countries in the upcoming tourist season 2024, we’re looking for interpreters.

What will be your job duties?

To assist travelers at every key moment of their stay in the country, for example:

— while meeting and greeting them at the airport and transferring them to hotels;

— while checking-in at hotels and attending information meetings with hotel guides;

— while going on excursions around the country.

Of course, you’ll have to not just attend but interpret a speaker’s (the company employee) speech, helping travelers get necessary information and feel taken care of.

What languages do our team members speak whose speeches will have to be interpreted? They speak English, Russian and Ukrainian. We’re looking for interpreters who speak Polish, Romanian or Bulgarian languages. If you can translate from or into several languages, it’s even better. The ability to make simultaneous interpretation isn’t necessary because speakers will make pauses to let you translate the message from the source language to the target language. However, a large vocabulary and the ability to use expressive means of a language, as well as good oral and written skills are important requirements.

What are the working conditions?

The head office of the international group of travel companies Carthage Group is located in Tunisia. It’s the place where we provide the most comfortable conditions for people who join our team.

Applicants will have two online job interviews, including one in a stated language. After that, a contract will be signed with a new employee to outline the obligations of each contracting side. Flights, accommodation and meals for a new team member will be the responsibility of the company, employees won’t have to worry about them. Moreover, the company will legalize the stay and work of the employee in Tunisia. 

The tourist season in Tunisia starts in May and finishes in October. New employees will need some time to undergo job training. Therefore we gather employees earlier, so that they can get to know each other, new team members meet their mentors and learn something from them. The work will start with the first flight that will bring tourists to the country.

There’s a lot of work, the working hours are irregular. Employees will have to adapt to the flight schedule, excursions and other events that require an interpreter’s assistance in attending to a group of travelers. The company guarantees one day off per week and a lot of interesting work other days.

As for a salary, employees will get a fixed salary and a commission which depends on a number of spoken languages and amount of completed tasks. During the tourist season a total monthly income is from €800 to €1500, it’s a net income.

Who has more chances to join our team?

We’ve been working in the travel industry for a long time and know for sure that during the tourist season people with the following characteristics are highly appreciated:

friendly. Optimism lets you find approach to any guests of the country and cheer up your colleagues;

helpful and ready to be useful. Initiative is highly appreciated in our company. If you offer your help today, you’ll be helped tomorrow. When there’s a lot of work, only such an approach helps to deal with it;

tolerant to other people’s way of life, behavior, customs and traditions. All people are different, all cultures are different and our goal is to introduce the culture of the country to its guests, providing them with comfort and ensuring safety;

artistic, ready to transform and involve tourists. We’re always by our guests’ side, we never distance ourselves from them but we turn them on and help them have their best holidays in Tunisia!

adaptable, who can change their behavior in order to deal with new audiences and moods. It’s great if you can interact both a noisy group of young people and a group of tourists who has headed to a long-distance journey at 6 o’clock in the morning, so that it needs some time to start perceive the beauty of nature and information from a tour guide and you in a positive way;

disciplined. It’s related to timing, punctuality, appearance, and obedience to the rules established in the company;

energetic. We know that energy doesn’t depend on age. There are a lot of young members in our team (of course, all of them are over 18 years of age, all the other things aren’t a problem because the mentoring system is applied in our company). At the same time, there are quite a lot of senior people over 40 years of age, who are not less active, energetic and eager to try and learn something new than young people. The same is true about gender. We have no prejudices about one’s usefulness in the team, only personal qualities, his/ her desires, determination and efficiency matter.

Of course, all applicants should have an international passport valid till December 2024 or later.

Which knowledge and skills can be useful for applicants (though they aren’t necessary ones)?

If you have travel-related education (tourism, hospitality), it’ll be easier for you to understand the structure of the company and algorithms of work and adhere to the rules established in the company.

If you speak any other languages, it’ll be easier for you to interact with people, so who knows, maybe this knowledge will make you a unique employee.

If you have a skill of active selling, it’ll be easier for you to introduce guests to the company’s services whose sales determine the amount of work and percentage of commission.

If you know how to work with an audience and have some experience of giving public talks with a microphone in your hands, it’ll be easier and more comfortable for you to get used to your work from the beginning. Most people are very nervous at first but if you know what public speaking is, you’ll pass through this stage effortlessly.

If you know what conflict management is, you’ll be especially useful when good and effective communication should be established.

If you know how to ride a scooter, it’ll be much easier for you to get around Tunisia at any time of the day or night.

If you have a valid International Driving Permit category B that permits you to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, your transfers around the country can be not only fast but very comfortable which is quite important in the North African Mediterranean.

Are you interested in our offer? Let’s contact and get to know each other. Please, send your CV and a letter of application to Irina Boukadida, Tunisia Destination Manager in our company, to the email See you in job interviews!