Naama Bay: A Perfect Egypt Destination for Vacationers

Soft golden sand which is so nice to walk on barefoot. The turquoise sea. Warm sunny weather and an opportunity to experience all the joys of beach holidays.

Do you imagine your perfect vacation exactly like that? Then you’d better travel to Naama Bay! The best beach of the popular resort of Sharm El Sheikh and, by the way, real Egyptian Las Vegas for those who don’t want to limit themselves to swimming in the sea and want to enjoy the nightlife as well.

Three Parts of the Beach: Which One Is the Best?

The beach in Naama Bay is heterogeneous and many tourists consider its central part to be the best. The reason is that it’s possible to swim there without water shoes! The beach is sandy and gently sloping, it’s a perfect choice for family holidays because children usually like splashing in the surf.

By the way, not only children will enjoy swimming there. Adults will be fascinated by snorkeling in bright coral reefs, inhabited by numerous colorful fish. You will see the outstanding beauty of the Red Sea underwater world and definitely fall in love with it!

There are fewer reefs and fish at the southwestern tip of the beach but the sand is still soft and golden there. As for the eastern side of the bay, it abounds with reefs; this is perhaps the most interesting place on the coast. But there is also a considerable disadvantage: swimmers are advised to wear special shoes there not to injure their feet. Anyway, it concerns only swimming: those who like basking in the sun will find the same soft golden sand there as in the southwest and in the center.

All Inclusive: Is It Necessary?

An attractive feature of Naama Bay district is that there are all kinds of hotels for any preferences and budgets there. It could be assumed that in such a great place only 5-star hotels can be situated, however, it’s not like that. You can choose between nice 4-star hotels or wonderful 3-star ones.

Moreover, you don’t have to focus on All Inclusive hotels only. Naama Bay enjoys well-developed tourism infrastructure, there are lots of eating places of various price categories, from expensive fine restaurants to cheap cafes.

In Naama Bay shopping street in addition to shopping malls and colorful souvenir shops, there are supermarkets, a noisy oriental bazaar and even fast food restaurants familiar to Europeans: KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Hard Rock Cafe. There is a wide variety of alcoholic beverages in specialty stores.

As for Las Vegas…

It is simply impossible not to remember about this famous American entertainment and gambling city, while describing holidays in Naama Bay. There are lots of places to go to after the sunset, Naama Bay is a perfect place for nightlife lovers.

For example, a nightclub called La Dolce Vita is definitely worth visiting. It’s located in Hadaba and hosts lively open-air parties every evening. The highlight of this club is a pool with lighting, by which guests enjoy delicious cocktails and watch performances of musicians. Those who want to get a really enchanting experience will surely like La Dolce Vita.

Also don’t miss a chance to go to Le Pacha nightclub where you can watch fire shows and acrobatic performances, or swing by the club called Little Buddha to evaluate its dance floor of exquisite design. And, of course, the magnificent Sinai Grand, a casino, the entrance to which is guarded by strict sphinxes. In Sinai Grand you can admire belly dancing performed by professional artists, play modern slot machines that pay thousands of winnings, or go to a poker club, bar or restaurant with European-level service.

Do You Still Want to Get More Impressions?

If you still want to experience more in Naama Bay, you can go to the King Tut Museum which exhibits replicas of famous ancient Egyptian artifacts, including a copy of the mask of Tutankhamun and other treasures from the tomb of the majestic pharaoh of the New Kingdom.

Or you can take part in another kind of leisure activity, for example, to learn how to dive in one of the numerous local diving centers. Visiting such a center will be useful even for experienced divers, since there they can acquire necessary qualifications to become diving instructors or learn the secrets of underwater navigation and night dives.

And finally – the cherry on top of the cake, the water park Cleo Park, one of the most interesting in Sharm El Sheikh. The central tower has water slides, made in the style of the Great Pyramids, the Scorpion Attack and Snake Horror slides, a wave pool and two children’s areas! No one will be bored either in Cleo Park or in Naama Bay.