The Winter 2021 Trend: Bububu Region

In this article we discover the advantages of little-known Bububu region, located in the northwestern part of the island of Zanzibar. Let’s start!

What Are the Advantages of Bububu Region, Zanzibar?

The resort area isn’t crowded even in the high season, so Bububu is a perfect place for those who are looking for solitude and silence. Tourists will have a unique opportunity to observe the everyday life of peasants in the neighboring villages. The Cheetah’s Rock animal rescue and conservation center is located not far from Bububu.

1. Bububu is situated near the airport and this fact is a considerable advantage of the resort town for tourists who have traveled a long way to the island of Zanzibar. A transfer from the airport will take no longer than an hour.

2. There are no strong tides in this part of the island. Usually at low tide, the waters don’t move further than 300 m away from the shore.

3. Bububu is located near the capital of the island, Stone Town. Why is it an advantage?

Stone Town can be compared with a local curri dish since it’s a colorful, curious blend of various cultures, such as African, Arab, European, and Indian ones. Being the oldest part of the island’s capital, Stone Town has always been a crossroads of trade routes. The historical past of the town is reflected in its atmosphere and architecture: there are narrow streets with houses in the Arabic style, doors elegantly decorated with bronze spikes in the Indian manner. This amazing and fascinating mix of cultures is complemented by larger buildings of the colonial period, modern cafes and restaurants. You won’t be able to resist coming in! =)

There’s an interesting fact: many people are sure that the famous singer, songwriter, and vocalist of the rock band Queen Freddie Mercury was born in the UK. However, it’s not true, his country of origin is Tanzania. The house where he had lived until he was 5 years old is located on Kenyatta Road in Stone Town. To this day the singer’s house is one of the main attractions of Zanzibar visited by hundreds of tourists every day. 

4. Another advantage is that Bububu isn’t a trendy resort, so there’s no huge influx of tourists as in Nungwi and Kendwa. Bububu is a good option for those who want to relax completely and enjoy solitude.

5. At the same time, it takes just an hour to get from Bububu to the beaches in the north of the island, Nungwi and Kendwa, so travelers can always go to these popular resorts and attend the Full Moon Party which is famous all over Tanzania.

6. A holiday in Bububu is budget-friendly! The resort will surprise the tourists with affordable prices for hotel accommodation, as well as prices in shops and restaurants.

7. The region boasts beautiful and cozy hotels. For example, Amaan Ocean Kihinani 3*. The hotel has quite a small area, bright African–style rooms, and a wonderful restaurant with ocean views which is a perfect place for a romantic dinner. Or the modern five-star Ngalawa Hotel & Resort 5*, which offers guests 7 room types, for any budget and preferences: Budget room, Deluxe room, Honeymoon Superior Suite, Prestige Junior Suite, Executive Suite, Garden 2 Bedroom Villa, 3 Bedroom Villa Pool View.

8. The Cheetah’s Rock animal rescue and conservation center is located 8 km away from Bububu. Lions, zebras, cheetahs, roe deer, lemurs, monkeys, hyenas and peacocks live there. Visitors of the center are provided with special treats that can be given to animals without harm to their health. It is not recommended to bring food with you, since each animal has its own food preferences and prohibitions.

These are 8 facts about Bububu region, locatedin the northwestern part of the island of Zanzibar. Have nice trips!