TOP-5 Dubai Street Art Neighbourhoods

Those who like modern street art and people who pay special attention to their Instagram profiles and their design, will definitely find today’s news interesting. 

Here’s TOP-5 places in Dubai which everyone should visit to see the coolest street art!

№1. La Mer. It’s one of the most stylish places in Dubai, the main square of which is dotted with graffiti art. The entire walls of this area including shops, restaurants, washrooms, parking slots are adorned with huge trendy murals. You can see a riot of vibrant colors at all places here.

№2. City Walk.  It’s quite a new neighbourhood built as a city within a city. This is the area adorned with the popular «I love DXB» graffiti art and many more vibrant statement pieces, murals that have been designed by some big names from the street art world such as Ron English, Lady Aiko from Japan and many more.

№3. Al Karama. In 2016 a group of passionate artists transformed the old commercial buildings in Karama Souk into a colourful district as a part of the ‘Rediscovering Karama’ project. 24 stunning displays of art offer a delightful visual experience and great opportunities for locals and tourists to get some amazing shots.

№4. Al Fahidi District. It’s known for hosting popular art festivals in Dubai such as the Sikka Art Fair. New art pieces by up and coming artists from around the world are frequently showcased here. The atmosphere in the neighbourhood is quite similar to the one in Erriadh street art village located on the island of Djerba in Tunisia.

№5. Dubai Design District (D3). This elite Dubai district is a venue for international fashion & design festivals and its luxurious galleries host shows of aspiring designers and artists. This area is overflowing with creative designs that can be seen on building walls, in carparks and all the other vertical surfaces.

Have nice trips!