What’s the Best Time for Red Sea Holidays?

Hotels in Egypt welcome tourists all year round and do it with great pleasure. But when tourists themselves can get immense pleasure from spending holidays at popular Red Sea resorts?

Let’s Start with Autumn in Egypt!

Yes, this season is considered to be the best time for having a vacation in Egypt by many European travelers. And October and November are the most popular months.

In autumn the weather in Egypt is just beautiful: the average daytime temperature is about +28…+31°С, it’s quite warm at nights as well, +28…+31°С. The sea water temperature reaches +26…+27°С, it’s very warm and comfortable water for long swimming. At the same time, in European resorts beach season is getting over by October/ November, so sunny Egyptian Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada become even more popular with tourists.

At this time of year many travelers go to Egypt on family holidays: schoolchildren are delighted with the opportunity to forget about lessons and splash in pools or the sea, and pre-school children adapt quickly to the Egyptian velvet season.

As for September, the first half of the month can be rather hot with the average daily temperature reaching 35°С. By the end of September, it gets a bit cooler but still October and November are thought to be the most suitable months for autumn holidays.

What about Spring in Egypt?

The most popular months of this season are April and May. In the second half of April the weather is fine, it warms up to +25°С. In May the average temperature rises above +30°С, though it’s not boiling hot yet. The sea water temperature is about +26°С. Then in the end of May real Egyptian summer begins, and it’s a good time for those who prefer vacationing in boiling heat.

The weather in March is rather changeable and unpredictable. Cold winds can likely ruin your plan to busk in the sun on the beach, so it’s better to have a back-up plan which includes going on guided tours. By the way, Egypt features fascinating tourist attractions as it’s the country with a long and rich history, the cradle of civilization and a cluster of amazing monuments of bygone eras.

Winter is also a great time for guided tours, while summer, especially in July and August, will be pleasant only for those who like burning heat and daytime temperature above +35°С.

Prices for Holiday Tour Packages

Holidays at popular Red Sea resorts are affordable in summer. October, November, April and May are the most popular months with tourists, so travelling to Egypt in high season will be much more expensive.

Speaking about winter, this season is rather ambiguous in terms of budget-friendly holiday tour packages. The first half of December and the whole February is the time of the lowest prices. Plus, there are great opportunities for going on guided tours, so such a trip seems to be a real bargain.

In the second half of December, especially in the dates around the festive season, tour packages to Egypt become more expensive. This trend continues till the second week of January.

Then there is another rise in prices at the end of January, as it’s the time of student holidays when lots of young people, tired of lectures, tests and exams rush to Egypt. Of course, at this time of the year it is not as comfortable there as in autumn or spring, but it’s still much warmer and sunnier than, for example, in Europe. Therefore, the middle of winter can be considered to be not the cheapest but still a wonderful time to spend holidays on the Red Sea coast.