Tunisia Sousse

Sousse is a city with a well-developed tourist infrastructure. There are lots of restaurants and cafes, nightclubs and discos with talented DJs playing modern music. Tourists can visit various amusement parks and museums, among which there are very unusual ones, a yacht port with a beautiful promenade that is so nice to stroll along at any time of the day. Life is in full swing in Sousse both at the daytime and at night.

Travelers from different countries of the world come to the resort city all year round and often linger on not just for a couple of days but much longer. Aparthotels is a very popular type of accommodation in Sousse.

Features of the resort

There are lots of magnificent well-equipped sandy beaches which are perfect for a beach holiday.

The wonderful Medina of Sousse (an old Arab town) is designated by UNESCO a World Heritage Site.

Tourists can visit numerous restaurants and cafes which enjoy a good reputation.

Little travelers who like amusement parks and attractions, should visit the parks Hannibal and Alladin.

Sousse never sleeps. Nightlife lovers will appreciate such clubs and discos as The Saloon, Bar Legend’s and others.


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Budget-friendly activities

Going for a walk in the city center and the fascinating Medina | free of charge

Visiting the museum Dar Essid | 4 TND (1,5 USD)

Smoking hookah + having a cup of traditional Tunisian mint tea in one of the cafes by the Medina | 11 TND (4 USD)

Expensive activities

Taking a romantic stroll along Port El Kantaoui | free of charge

Learning and playing a round of golf in Kantaoui Golf Course, 18 holes | 170 TND (62 USD)

Having dinner with alcoholic drinks in the American bar & restaurant Hard Rock Café | 100 TND (36,5 USD)

Places to visit

The Medina of Sousse. Designated by UNESCO a World Heritage Site in 1988, it is a typical example of the old Arab architecture. Having a walk there feels like you time travel back to many centuries ago.

Ribat of the Medina of Sousse. In the old days warrior monks served there, the place features the atmosphere of history. The tower of this masterpiece of fortification boasts the breathtaking view of the Medina and the city.

Port El Kantaoui. It’s a tourist area with beaches and a yacht port where boats from all over the world are moored. It’s the “capital of golf” in Tunisia and a place with good infrastructure and various recreation facilities for leisure and fun.

The Catacombs of Sousse. It’s one of the most unusual tourist attractions in the resort city. It’s a mysterious underground labyrinth, interesting finds from which are exhibited in the Sousse Archaeological Museum, which is also worth visiting.

Magic Eye 3D Museum. It’s a very memorable place where you will get to virtual reality. There you’ll be able to hug rock-stars, pet wild animals and do many other unusual things. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed.

Aquasplash. It’s one of the best aqua parks in Tunisia with a great children’s area. There are mini waterfalls, various water slides and attractions. The widest range of water attractions in the country will be appreciated by adults as well.