In the style of MICE: MEDports assembly and OMMP

The International MEDports Association Assembly, which was held in collaboration with the Office of the Merchant Marine and Ports (OMMP), took place in the capital of Tunisia from the 5th to the 8th of February. The Assembly was dedicated to the search for innovative approaches in designing sustainable infrastructures that allow for the gentle combination of seaport activities and coastal environment. 

The event schedule, organized with the support from tourist agency CARTHAGE TOURISM & MICE (CTM) in Movenpick Hotel Gammarth Tunis 5* hotel, encompassed the study of the expertise in the area of integration of port and municipal services, the visitation of Tinisian ports of La Goulette and Rades, as well as a cultural program that included excursions to iconic landmarks of the country.

Precision is crucial!

Moez Chakchouk, the minister of transportation of Tunisia, Juan Manuel Díez Orejas, CEO of OMMP Foued Othman in charge of corporate planning and control of the Valencia Port Administration, Adrian Camilleri, senior business development manager in charge of cooperation with Malta ports, Paolo Menegazzo, head of the department of strategic planning of the North Adriatic Sea Port Administration, Wissem Gaida Mahjoub, the CEO of the Mediterranean Institute of Maritime Education (IMFMM), Alaa M.Morsy, the Dean of Technology and Maritime Transport Port Training Institute of the Arab Academy for Science, and other officials. 

Overall, the event in Tunisia assembled around 100 people, however, the list of participants was far from exhausted there. The speakers’ presentations were broadcast via videoconference, which was viewed and recorded by experts from different corners of the world. Simultaneous interpreting  into the French and English languages was organized for those attending in person, since the communication between professionals calls for the most accurate delivery of information to all those present. 

MICE-tourism calls for experience

Hall equipment check for plenary sessions and the reception of the Assembly participants became the areas of responsibility for the representatives of CARTHAGE TOURISM & MICE (CTM), together with the check of the VIP-lounge, intended for the meeting between the Minister of Transportation of Tunisia and the CEO of OMMP. The skills and expertise of CTM employees proved invaluable in subcommittee hall check, room readiness check, including VIP-rooms, and during registration and check-in of all Assembly visitors. 

Moreover, the specialists from the CARTHAGE team were granted the honor of holding one of the ceremonial parts of the event, the reception of the Minister of Transport of Tunisia and renowned guests, and we are immensely pleased with the high praise of our gained experience in the area of MICE-tourism. We always strive to perfect our means of dealing with unconventional tasks, which require careful and thorough preparation. 

February Assembly Agenda

Today, the event initiator, MEDports association, founded in 2018 through joint effort of the 20 port administrations in the Mediterranean basin, already totals 25 ports, which execute around 70% of transportations in the region. MEDports aims at strengthening the cooperation between Mediterranean ports regarding general questions, as well as facilitates the establishment of a stable connecting platform between European, Asian and African countries. 

Merchant Marine and Port Authority (OMMP) is the organization whose mission is to ensure operation, maintenance and development of Tunisia sea ports. The participants of the February assembly were provided with the opportunity to visit major Tunisian port complexes of La Goulette and Rades, with transfer provided by CTM transportation company. 

The issues regarding the innovative approach to creating sustainable infrastructures, designed to combine port activities and coastal environments as correctly as possible, were addressed at the event. In particular, the transition of the shipping industry to cleaner and alternative fuels, ship noise reduction at the piers and improving air quality through the reduction of toxic emissions were part of the agenda. The participants also discussed technical and economic conditions and perspectives of using high voltage shore connections (HVSC), the impact of port maintenance activities on nature and people’s health, problems of the environment, climate change and much more. 

A few words about leisure…

Despite the importance of the issues addressed at the assembly, its participants managed to find time for leisure. One of the basic principles of quality MICE-tourism actually is the combination of active time and relaxation, a change of experiences that provides vivid positive emotions. 

Coffee-breaks and buffets for informal conversation throughout the course of the event, closing gala dinner at La Bella Marina restaurant — the organizers took care of everything. Trips to iconic landmarks of Tunisia were also a wonderful gift for the participants. 

The blue and white city of Sidi Bou Said, sprawling in the hills on the Mediterranean coast 20 kilometers from the country capital, was one of such travel destinations.Famous artists and musicians, writers and poets like Henri Matisse, Alexander Rubtsov, Paul Klee, August Macke, to name a few, found inspiration here. The participants of the assembly also visited the glory-covered Carthage, the awe inspiring Tunisian landmark included in UNESCO World Heritage List. CTM own transportation company provided the transfer for the excursions.