ITF HOLIDAY & SPA, Bulgaria – Tunisia: In the Best Traditions of Hospitality

The 39th edition of the International Tourist Fair HOLIDAY & SPA Expo was held from 15th to 17th February in Inter Expo Center in Sofia, Bulgaria, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria. The members of the Carthage Group team, as well as the Tunisian hotel chain Novostar, which is a structural division of our International group of travel companies, took part in this big event in the world tourism industry. 

Three Days & 10,000 Visitors

Let’s start with a few numbers to illustrate the scale of the event that took place in Inter Expo Center in Sofia. Representatives of the tourism industry from 15 countries were the exhibitors at HOLIDAY & SPA Expo which was attended by over 10,000 visitors, twice more than in 2022.

The large attendance accurately reflects the vibe of the industry – the high level of engagement in the development and promotion of various international tourist destinations, understanding of the importance of establishing strong business connections, as well as the necessity of work experience exchange between travel industry professionals.

Three days of crowded exhibition halls, filled with smiling people, business meetings, clients eager to choose their next destination, new partnerships, shared moments and pleasant experiences with colleagues and friends from different parts of the world.

Tunisia as One of the Headliners of the Event

The first day after the opening of the HOLIDAY & SPA Expo was marked with a presentation of popular holiday destinations given by our partners, the travel company from Bulgaria Emerald Travel. Egypt and Greece, Turkey and Cyprus and, of course, Tunisia were one of the highlights of our partner’s presentation in Vitosha Hall. The North African country washed by the Mediterranean Sea warms with its hospitality the hearts of thousands of travelers all year round.

The exhibitors and visitors of the HOLIDAY & SPA Expo could ask their questions to the representatives of Carthage Group at the stand of Emerald Travel. On February 16 a special presentation of the Tunisian hotel chain Novostar Hotels was made there. The visitors learnt the latest travel news from the African Mediterranean and detailed accurate information on the most comfortable accommodation facilities directly from the hoteliers. Communication was really fruitful and effective. At the end of the presentation all the attendees could try the fresh harvest of dates and sweets in the best traditions of Tunisian hospitality.