Reward from Emerald Travel: The Best Are Going to Tunisia!

On June 1st, a large-scale event took place in Sofia under the patronage of the President of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev. It was dedicated to awarding talented children for their achievements in science, art, and sports. We are delighted to note that the Bulgarian partner of Carthage Group, the tour operator Emerald Travel, did not stand aside from this undoubtedly important event.

The first day of summer in Sofia turned into a real celebration. On the International Children’s Day, a large-scale event took place here as part of the mega-show by the Encho Keryazov Foundation «Night of Stars,» dedicated to awarding young talents for their achievements in science, art, and sports. Our Bulgarian partner, the tour operator Emerald Travel, celebrated the achievements of the event’s participant who reached global heights in the field of information technology with a trip to Tunisia.

Radostin Cholakov, a three-time recipient of the «John Atanasov» Presidential Certificate and winner of four Olympiads in information technology, is really young but he’s already featured in Forbes’ «30 Under 30» list in the «Science and Technology» category. He is the creator of, a platform used in the development of electronic textbooks.

The event in the Bulgarian capital took place in a solemn atmosphere in a hall with a capacity of 14,000 people. The award from Emerald Travel, a fully paid week-long tour to the African Mediterranean for Radostin and his family, was presented by the Minister of Education and Science of Bulgaria, Krasimir Valchev.

Participation in significant social projects of this kind speaks volumes about professionals working in the tourism industry. We are proud that in this case, it concerns our Bulgarian partners. What’s more, it’s incredibly gratifying that as a prize for the talented laureate of the Sofia event, Yana and Asen Hitovi, the owners of Emerald Travel, chose a trip to Tunisia. This tourist destination is one of the main segments of activity for our group of companies.

Radostin Cholakov and his family will be staying at the Novostar Khayam Garden Beach & Spa 4*, a hotel located on the picturesque Cape Bon in Nabeul. This hotel is a part of the large Tunisian hotel chain Novostar Hotels, an important structural division of Carthage Group.

As the DMC, we are sure that the Tunisian journey will undoubtedly become a memorable event in the life of the promising young star in the world of information technology. With the pristine sea, magnificent beaches, and exciting excursions, we wish our guests an excellent vacation!